« The LifeScientis teams had the opportunity to immerse themselves for 3 days in a project management training with the Prodecys. This training has the advantage of including many workshops which, with concrete situations, allow to quickly assimilate the concepts and the stakes of project management, while giving a very practical approach.
The result, after only a few weeks, is extremely satisfying. In addition to the very positive feedback from the teams after the training, and on the quality of the exchanges with the trainer, very concrete actions were implemented in the weeks that followed, showing the total adhesion to the concept, proof of the quality of this training.
The organization of our activity in project mode is a real challenge for our company, and the training was a real opportunity to accelerate this implementation internally. On the other hand, the added value of Prodecys is that it offers a truly complete project management support. This aspect will allow us to be part of the long term to quickly reach the level of maturity essential to the development of our company