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Structure your activity schedule, resources coordination and project deployment by creating value to mobilize the teams around your project objectives. Standartizing and consolidating your project management will enable you to deliver faster with a better cost control.

Structure your project management

  • Project Methodology: do I have a common baseline with a known and shared project repository?
  • Role Definition : Are the responsabilities defined in my projects?
  • Compliance with the obejctive : Am I capable to deliver within the agreed time and budget frames?
  • Project reporting : do I have the tools allowing me to have a good vision of my projects?
  • Arbitration and decision making : what projects do I need to deprioritze and which ones do I need to accelerate?
  • KPIs Choice : are they chosen in alignment with the desired strategy
    and the needs ?

Spread the project culture

Project Owner Support / Project management outsourcing

Maturity scan

Project Methodology

Business Intelligence

  • Set up the tools :
    good project management requires adapted project management tools
  • Change the culture : : it is not about « doing projects right » but about « doing the right projects ».
  • Consolidate the data : do I have access to all the data I want to analyze?
  • Visualize the data :  are my reports understandable?
  • Defining the rules :  drafting and sharing project management processes to create a
    common ground and facilitate change.
  • Collaboration : : integrate the project stakeholders to maintain the team spirit and improveadoption.