Project management expertise

Our experts in project management and portfolio management dedicate their expertise to your needs in project organization and management. We advise you on the implementation of tools that will help you make strategic decisions at the portfolio level in order to guarantee a complete and coherent follow-up, respecting your needs and constraints. We put our knowledge and tools at your disposal to help you achieve your company’s objectives.


Why we do it

Do you need support in managing your projects and portfolios ?

The expertise that unites the Prodecys team allows us to help you make informed decisions. Our convictions drive us to go beyond our limits every day to better meet your expectations.

What our
customers and partners say

« As Senior Project Portfolio Analyst in Nestlé Skin Health I have worked closely with the Prodecy’s team members over a 5 year period and can say that their understanding of the customer requirement and adaptability has helped me to achieve high level of expectations.
Their contribution (in term of structured approaches and solutions) played a key role in the establishment and development of the R&D Portfolio group.
I really appreciated their expertise, their main advices they provided to me to support new functionalities design and implementation (such as : Score card / Probabilities of success estimates / financial project valuation / stage and gate follow up..). Altogether we have been able to set up also key strategic dashboards frequently used by Top management to define and to follow project priorities.
Thanks for all the impressive work we did and all the best for the future of Prodecys. »



Senior Project Portfolio Analyst - Nestlé Skin Health - 2013 / 2018

« A team out of the ordinary because of her commitment, professionalism and skills that has turned all the challenges she faced at Nestle Skin Health into success over the five years under my responsibility.

A rare ability to integrate, simplify, quickly improve any multifactorial problem, transverse, multi localization solution comfortable and immediately effective. A service of excellence to the client, and also to the sponsor thanks to a new level of accountability and autonomy. »

Florence BISTUER

Florence BISTUER

Head of Project Management and Project Governance, Nestlé Skin Health, 2013-2018