About the company

What does Prodecys do ?

Prodecys is a project management consulting company. Its activity consists of helping companies in the management of their projects:

Our location

Our headquarters are located in the so-called “positive energy” Aqueducs offices in Valbonne (south of France).
This new building equipped with photovoltaic panels and outside insulation produces more energy that it consumes. As a result, we support clean, local energy that respects the environment!

The Prodecys team

Our team has over 40 years’ combined experience of managing IT and organizational projects using project management tools. We work with you from determining your requirements right through to the production roll-out. We bring you the assistance you need to ensure your project activities run smoothly and regularly optimized.

At Prodecys, we manage numerous projects in range of fields and business sectors, both in France and worldwide. These cross-cultural capacities equip us with the means to support international organizations.

The business background of our members means that we perfectly understand user expectations at all organization levels, coming up with simple solutions that can be applied every day. At all stages of involvment,  right up until we achieve our objectives, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our team offers its services in various business sectors:




Aerospace, naval and defense

R & D



Automotive equipment manufacturing



Founders of Prodecys

Found out more about Prodecys’ founders :

Laurent Mengual

Sales & Business Development

Laurent has been working for many years in the management of IT projects and the validation of computerized systems. He then put his project management expertise into the PMO team to adapt Planisware® to the project governance of Nestlé Skin Health®.

His drive and tenacity make him a hard runner to follow, and will accompany your most ambitious changes.

Patricia Lamarre

Global Consulting Services

Patricia combines a strong knowledge of corporate finance with an expertise in IT project management. She was then in charge of Nestlé Skin Health® for several years with Planisware’s technical and functional administration teams.

Its dynamism and leadership is not limited to gyms, and impels a real cohesion in your project teams.

César Medegan

Chef Technical Officer

Caesar is an expert in the early hours of Planisware he has faced the most complex missions at different integrators Planisware®. After working in several industries, he left consulting to enter the pharmaceutical industry as a Planisware® expert.

His combative and persevering spirit, makes him a formidable practitioner of krav maga, and he will always give the maximum to offer you the best solutions.